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Maria Felicia’s enchanted Exaudi

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Havana, Cuba. – She attaches the same importance to her two professions, which make her shine with her own light. She is absolutely committed to art, to teaching, to the music that she carries within and springs from her soul to be shared with everyone. She has the gifts of conducting a concert with dexterity and teaching with wisdom.

María Felicia Pérez

María Felicia Pérez. Foto tomada de Internet

She has been involved with music since her childhood. Her parents were not experts, but soon discovered the girl’s powerful soprano voice. However, she admits she didn’t take higher studies to master singing techniques. Yet, she sang operas in solitary, which eventually allowed her to handle the baton with professionalism.

After 24 years of uninterrupted work, Exaudi is an ensemble that perpetuates Cuban choral tradition. Outstanding musicians and deluxe repertoire combine in this fraternity of the voice, thanks to Maria Felicia Perez’s expertise and charm.

The fascinating mixed voices of the Exaudi Choir are sopranos Grisel Lince and Nelia Molina. Maida Martinez, Blanca Cantero and Yamile Jimenez are the contraltos. Ricardo Gonzalez, Moises Hernandez and Jesus More sing tenor, whereas Alain Alfonso, Arnoldo Rodriguez and Leonardo Amado sing bass.

Forefront, Maria Felicia, a muse of the Wonderfully Real

This choir treasures more than 50 international festivals and 15 phonograms that encompass church and Latin American popular music, the American Baroque and Cuban composers, like Beatriz Corona, Harold Gramatges, Jose Maria Vitier, Roberto Valera and Guido Lopez Gavilan.

Exaudi has undoubtedly placed Cuban choral movement in the Olympus of this genre. Only the talented, those who convey the light of dreams, love and the true roots of life with their voices, can climb this high.

Exaudi won the Cubadisco 2011 Prize with is record “Love Songs”.

Thank you for the singing

By: Odalys Padilla
Translated by: Pedro A. Fanego

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