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The Stage Knight

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Havana, Cuba. – Almost half a century ago, the host of a musical show placed an imaginary sword on Ramon Palacios’ shoulders; tapped gently and knighted him. This Cuban singer has been known ever after as The Stage Knight.

The Stage Knight

The Stage Knight . Foto Yannia Pérez Rumayor

The singer told this tale when he visited Mirador de la Habana. He also admitted to be a faithful Filin fan. “In my repertoire, there are songs written by Jose Antonio Mendez, Cesar Portillo de la Luz and Angel Diaz. I regard very highly the songs of Ñico Rojas, with whom I had a lasting friendship”, the artist said and added, “I owe a special mention to Isolina Carrillo, whom I consider my second mother.”

In another moment of the interview, the guest on Radio Cadena Habana informative magazine admitted that some of the foreign songwriters that he admires most are Mexicans Jose Jose and Armando Manzanero, as well as Spanish Jose Luis Perales, “Their songs work very well, particularly in cabarets.”

Ramón Palacio Chenique

Ramón Palacio Chenique. Foto Yannia Pérez Rumayor

“I have mostly worked in scenarios linked to the bohemian nightlife of Cuban capital”, indicated the singer-knight. That line of work did not prevent him from joining the Artistic Brigade “LXX Anniversary of Cuban Workers Federation” that toured several European countries.

At present, he can be found the third Sundays of every month at 15:00 hours in “La Rampa” Movie Theater, in a show that belongs to “Project 23” of the Cuban Film Institute.  He remarked, “Besides working as a host, I sing and recite.”

One of his most cherished dreams is becoming more involved in community work. In this regard, he said, “I want to sing at the neighborhoods, knock at each neighbor’s door and share in family the spiritual gift of art.”

By: Pedro Norat
Translated by: Pedro A. Fanego

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