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Centro Habana Culture House, cradle of community projects

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Havana, Cuba. – Centro Habana local folks seek to meet their cultural needs and concerns at “Joseito Fernandez Culture House”. Ibon Terry, directress of the institution stressed, “We are pursuing several community projects, including music, plastic arts and modeling, which are designed for all ages. Children’s shops are part of those projects, with “Carnavaleando” company and the Juvenile Concert Band.

Which ones specifically meet musical needs?

Ibón Terry Jorrín directora de la Casa de Cultura Centro Habana

“The shows: “De la Trova”, held the third Friday of every month, and “Puro Son”, hosted by “Coto and the Caribbean Echo”, contribute to rescue our identity, as well as those of Bolero and Rock. We also have “Yamey”, a rumba ensemble, advised by a natural promoter of “Cayo Hueso” People’s Council. On the other hand, our Culture House is not oblivious to the expectations the disabled. They have a space here, as part of the institutional measures implemented to improve their life quality and improve the comprehensive general culture of the most vulnerable sectors of the population,” said Terry Jorrin.

How did the “Joseito Fernandez” become the most important community cultural center in Centro Habana?

“Our mission is to foster socio-cultural processes and to that end, we lean on cultural promoters. They are very talented in taking art to the community and attracting every citizen with artistic concerns to the house. The promoters have links with other organizations, workplaces and institutions located in their turf.”

To what extent is the House involved with special behavior schools?

“The bond stems from the Culture House, keeping in mind the needs of these youngsters, eager to find a space to give loose rein to their artistic skills. After reaching a consensus, we created the conditions and so far everything is running smoothly, as we say in good Cuban. The work is systematic, with a high rate of participation, characterized by the enthusiasm and commitment of specialists, promoters and amateur artists. The latter find incentive, pleasure and a gateway to new horizons in what they do with us.”

Last May 21 was the day of cultural diversity. What was the agenda for that day?

“All the groups of the House’s movement of amateur artists performed to their surprise and delight, because their members belong to various formats of our institution. They are young people that represent the community where the “Joseito Fernandez” is located.

One of the major challenges for our Culture House is to increase the participation of the community in artistic activities. We seek to lift ethical and aesthetic values, following Marti’s saying:

“Culture is the mother of decency, the sap of freedom, the preservation of the Republic…. ”

Translated by: Pedro a. Fanego
By: Maria Regla Figueroa

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