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Ivan Perez-Ramirez: a pillar of Cuban Radio

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Havana, Cuba. – Ivan Perez-Ramirez is considered one of the best workers in Cuban Radio. Winner of the National Radio Prize in 2011, he was entitled to that award for more than 50 years of creative dedication to sound production in the Republic of Cuba.

Iván Pérez Ramírez

Iván Pérez Ramírez, en su visita a Mirador de La Habana. Foto: Redaccion Digital

In 1957, barely 13 years old, he started acting in “La Voz del Aire” radio station. After the triumph of the Revolution, he trained as sound effects operator and sound technician. His versatility allowed him to make a foray as scriptwriter in Radio Progreso shows “La Novela Cubana”, “Aventuras” and “Asi se forjo la Patria”, while he wrote scripts in Radio Cadena Habana for the program “Steps in the Dark.”

His long service record overflows prizes and recognitions. In this regard, he told Cuban music’s radio station, “Having won Cuban Radio 2011, Caricato and Caracol national prizes and other awards conferred on national radio festivals, fills me with pride and satisfaction. It makes me leave home every day to work and share those feelings with young people that are beginning in this media. Out of the 90 years that my dear Cuban Radio just turned, I have devoted 55 to it. I have given it my life.”

He regards the specialty of music technician very highly. With his characteristic modesty, he admitted, “I think, without being absolute, that almost all music technicians who work today in provincial radio stations that make radio drama have been my students.”

In this respect, he stressed, “Music technicians, like singers, have to have their repertoire and to that end, they need to learn much about music. Moreover, they must be knowledgeable about Geography, History, Literature and all the wonderful things called art. That is the only way to deliver a final product free of mediocrity.”

These and many other things impossible to name make this little man so big. He ennobles Cuban Radio because he lives for it.

By: Olivia Terry

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